Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

NE Patriots: 14 ...... NY Giants: 17

Wow!!! Exciting game last night!!! I have to admit that I have no loyalty to the Patriots nor the Giants, however I was hoping that the Patriots would pull off a win to upset the record that the 1972 Dolphins currently hold for being the only NFL team with a perfect season... I was NEVER a Dolphins fan and was shocked by all of the smack they were talking. Petty, huh?! Speaking of Petty, what did you think about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? We thought they were pretty awesome! I was singing, dancing and reminiscing with each nostalgic tune they performed while my daughters just laughed and rolled their eyes in embarrassment! Anyway, on to the best part of the Super Bowl... The commercials, of course! I actually had two favorites... ETrade and AMP! The ETrade commercial with the talking baby was too cute for words! While the AMP commercial with the guy who gave a lady's dead car battery a charge was an absolute hoot!

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Amy said...

I did enjoy the last 15 minutes of the game...the rest of the time I was in the kitchen with the women eating and talking...LOL..