Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Round-It-All x2

These tools do not mess around!
They are heavy duty corner rounders in two sizes (pink-1/2" & blue-1/4")! They will corner round anything & everything, ie: chipboard, tin, leather, acrylic, and much more! To make them even better, they have a lifetime warranty!
Ok... Enough of the sales pitch... However, let me just say that if you are addicted to handmade books/albums as I am, then you simply MUST invest in these babies!
Happy Scrapping!


Lisa said...

OMG...I am a total tool junkie so I must get my hands on the these babies!!

Carolyn said...

I'm just waiting for them to arrive in Mom's store, so they can come home with me. They better hurry up!
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